Alliance War

gage201205gage201205 Posts: 469 ★★★
Alliance war has gotten so repetitive and boring now!! You guys introduce new season but why what have you changed up.. now I know it's hard to please everyone because there are people who hate change and then there's people like me who want nodes mixed up to keep war fresh and challenging... You nearly fight the same champions on some nodes war after war... But why.. it's called diversity

Oh but I ranked up my killmonger just a node says people.. well nothing is permanent in this game and neither should AW they should always be fresh and challenging as it is the only way to literally fight others with your champs... You have implemented so many new nodes throughout new content and yet AW still have 2015 nodes on it.. and the rewards are still in 2015 also

I guess I'm done with this rant post your thoughts!
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