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AW Season 9 Videos

20190503 [人人人] Jokers

Our plan was to lose with max possible points, kill bosses leaving some difficult paths.


  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190505 [BR JP] MERCENARIOS BR/JP

    This time, our plan is to win. One death due to loss of timing, but finished other fights okay.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190507 [SA BB] SAVAGE BB's

    This time also plan was to win. Clean finish without death and also without any item use.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190510 [F•N•X] THE RESURRECTION-BR

    Avoidable 3 deaths. Managed to finish the line, but not so good war this time.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190512 [J11] X-Men

    Worst war so far. Could not kill the Thing on 35 node. By other team members help we could kill the boss, but lost the war.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190514 [x-B0U] L E Y E N D A S 2.0

    Not so bad, just one death from Killmonger. However lost war this time again. Avoiding hitting when reverberation may cause timeout.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    edited May 2019
    20190517 [Amon7] Amon Ra!

    Finally, we win this time, also no death and item for me. Got some hits from Domino, but barely survived. It seems the bug of Domino is fixed. Anyway, it is really good to win.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190519 [Sp•Ba] Space•Bastards

    It was lost from the start as we could not complete on other group. Though costs me 2 deaths probably due to lack of enough boosts. (Able to kill without death next time.)
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190521 [2-1-1] New Avengers 2

    Close lose. Died once to ICEMAN, hit by special 1. Tried to heal up but lost too much health.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190524 [C&R] Cerberus Revenge

    Finally we won this time. Not so good fights of mine though. Domino canceled my sp2 and one death to me. Should used invulnerability boost then. Could not kill Thing, but cleared the nose with help. Also I should have brought different champ instead of Magik. Anyway win is a win, and hope to win the remaining two wars of this season.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190526 [SSx2] SavageSquad

    It was good war for me, but result was lost. Managed to clear my path without death, especially Korg.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190528 [KAANK] BLOOD.AND.FREE

    This war was terrible for me. Start itself was bad as it costs 2 deaths. When died at Nick Fury, almost gave up. But, realizing Nick Fury is not duped, I could continue. The mini-boss was easier as I dealt with him several times, and this time killed without death. The second problem was The Thing. Got help from my colleague, but costs all items of both. Anyway learned a lot and maybe I can finish him next time. The IMIW was just a mistake and took one more death. Surprisingly even I did terribly, we won this war and placed at P1.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    We landed on platinum 1. Hope we can reach better next season.
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