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So only one of the champs listed is going to be buffed soon. How about, instead of slowly buffing all of them, you give ridiculous synergies between the remaining terrible champs? Give Kamala Khan a synergy with Groot where all Fury buffs are only 25% as potent but are indefinite. Give Iron Patriot a synergy with Old Man Logan boosting Regeneration by 200%. Give Venompool a synergy with Howard the Duck that makes all debuffs last twice as long. Stuff like that would be hilarious and not difficult to implement. Let me know what you think.


  • “The first heavy attack of the fight will inflict every debuff in the game for three seconds.” Just really off-the-wall mechanics to make the fights enjoyable would be great.
  • TUG_TheUnnamedGuyTUG_TheUnnamedGuy Posts: 259
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    “Shocking Howard the Duck overcharges his suit, causing his suit to leak electricity. For the next 10 seconds, every time Howard the Duck strikes the opponent or is struck by the opponent, a Shock debuff is applied to the opponent.”
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    “Memes Never Die:
    When [insert bad champion here] is knocked out, his/her attack rating is split equally among the remaining champions in the team and added to their attack ratings for the remainder of the quest.”
  • I can’t come up with all of these, guys. Give me a few of your own.
  • Now that we’re all voting, some of us will obviously be disappointed with the result. These types of synergies could make life fun for those of us who like Iron Patriot or Groot.
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