Looking for bi weekly t4cc alliance or above 600 rank AQ

Hello, I am an experienced map 5x5 player and always clear my paths with zero item use all 5 days. I am not a boss killer but usually am able to kill dormamu on uptill day 3 single handedly.
My prestige is 4500+ with top champs as dr voodoo, quake, starlord, rogue, wolverine, Vision AOU and gwenpool.
All champs are duped at really high sig levels.
Need an alliance that ranks above 600 in AQ..
I have good defence for war with all r4 duped champs. For mastery i have MD, Assassin at 5/5 and bleed at 4/5.
Also a big arena grinder with always getting 1-10% bracket rewards.
Contact me on LINE: ajaved11


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