Any other side quests coming this month?

The past couple months there have been additional side quests pop up half way through the month ( the maze, champions clash, love pool or whatever it was called, etc).

Given how underwhelming this months stone quests are I feel like we need something additional more then ever. Is anything coming?


  • JestressJestress Posts: 817
  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 577
    What would be nice is just one monthly quest with proper rewards based on the challenge and appropriate energy requirements.
  • Ch1efsterCh1efster Posts: 425
    edited May 7
    I had a little laugh about this as well. Not that something with better rewards wouldn't be welcome, but for all that is out there right now, it is a huge energy drain. Adding more will not help for those that want to complete all monthly quests out there right now.

    Now if they want to add something in with no energy requirements.......
  • Marlo_Mike33Marlo_Mike33 Posts: 183
    We did get 2 quests to go with EQ so my guess is no
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 5,049
    This is why we can't have nice things.
  • Dtl7714Dtl7714 Posts: 312
    The energy requirement is pretty low for the events and we had 45 days so time and energy is not an issue.

    However the state of the game and its bugs are another story. If your keep throwing trash into the dumpster the fire will continue to burn.

    Or to put it another way if they release more content it would be just as buggy and frustrating. And given they have stated their not fixing some of the bigger bugs till the next big update that would suck.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 642
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    Actually a bit saddened there hasnt been a josh brolin challenge.
  • ezgoingezgoing Posts: 183
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    Lol, it will be a path full of the different Thanos variants, including the latest nameless one :P maybe add cable too!

    Buttehrs said:

    Actually a bit saddened there hasnt been a josh brolin challenge.

  • theMercenarytheMercenary Posts: 71
    I won’t be able to kill that bugged or money grab Havok (save the battlerealm) without spending actually money. So spare this month to yourself kabam, don’t want your last stand shards either.
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 1,657
    We actually need a EQ reward buff. It’s been needed
  • SiM_bURRSiM_bURR Posts: 14
    i opened 9 greater last stand crystals from doing 100% easy, normal and heroic difficulties in save the battlerealm, 4 times i landed between 2 5* class awakening gems. the best i ended up getting out of it was 1k 5* shards once , 1k 4* shards once and yeah u guessed it...GOLD, the one thing i will never run out of, typical Kabam BS. needless to say i stopped grinding for last stand shards. i've only completed objectives that actually gave me a little of what i want, such as catalysts and units. F*** this months lame a** events lol
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