Gold2 War AQ maps 3+4 looking for 2

Solid and active group of fun guys with a map4 bg, and the others running 44433. War anytime available and always hit gold 2. Looking for a summoner 250k+ or a veteran looking to tone down but still get great rewards. Always hit max milestones or close to on alliance events. Line app required. Well organized group with assigned bgs and war paths. Just need good communication and the want to advance. IPTF is alliance tag. Sister alli of RH4H our map5 alliance so always the opportunity to advance. Interested hit me up in game @Chris730 or on line @chris730x


  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    US or UK timezone preferred
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    Got 2 spots open. Join the fun before war starts
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    1 hour til AQ starts. Still need 1
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    2 spots open after season rewards. Get in quick
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    1 spot left! US or Euro timezone preferred
  • RockyB239RockyB239 Posts: 298
    Been here from the start. A great place to grow and a great place to step back from the crazy grind. Newer players and veterans both welcome.
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    Need 1 more to complete our masterpiece
  • Ml43jetsMl43jets Posts: 13
    Still looking for someone?
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    Just had a spot open up. Come join the madhouse!
  • ss1100ss1100 Posts: 365
    Come baby come come
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    Looking for 1! You won’t be disappointed
  • Chris730Chris730 Posts: 54
    Still need 1
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 337
    Message me ezra7676 line or game. Can join after SA is up.
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