NEW Alliance! Grow with us! •ŁØR•

Hey summoners!

We’re looking for dedicated summoners to help us grow with a new alliance! Preferably 100k, a great member is active in AQ (Map 3–maybe 4) and AW (1 bg until we can do more)

This is a great alliance for people on act 4 and starting act 5, I’ve been there and understand when you need your best champs to take out the collector, so you can’t do War that day. We’re a close-knit group of friends that loves to have fun and give each other a hard time. We’d love to have you!

No line is required! If you have further questions you can PM me here or in game (same name)

If you just want to jump right into the fun, go ahead and apply! We’re most likely not going to turn you away!

Lol I forgot to put the alliance name in 🤦‍♂️

Alliance name: Legend of the Realm

Tag: •ŁØR•


  • Mohme10Mohme10 Posts: 8
    Would you be interested in merging with our alliance? We are AQ focused with no AW since the minimal rewards are not worth the opportunity cost. We plan to run AQ maps 4-6 until everyone is ready for 5,6. We have core members ranged from 200k-500k+
    Gorbezian Death Squad
  • Still looking for a few veterans to help shape this thing into a contender.

    We have a recommended discord for better communication. Add me in game for the link.

    Spots available for an officer or 2:

    Preferably Uncollected with a healthy roster of 5/50s and 3/45s and a 4/55 or two—you will most likely be placing a war boss in bg 1. Prepare to be patient while we get to the right war bracket and figure out whose with us long term.

    Spots for members:

    Above 100k
    Active (online every few hours)
    Able to contribute in war and map 3 and 4
    Eager to progress

    Add me or @Ctleath_013 ingame (same as forum names) for details.

    Congratulations! If you’ve read down to here, you probably qualify! Give us a message!

  • Current specs.......

    We’ve come a long way and we’ve got a long way to go—join us!
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