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Incorrect season leaderboard points awarded to top alliance ?



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    Markjv81Markjv81 Posts: 1,010 ★★★★

    Markjv81 said:

    The scoring isn’t correct, the score they got for the bye wars was 209,000 so even if they got that for 3 wars the max score is 4,389,000.

    Did you see my note earlier ? I believe it awarded them their BYE points for the 4th war right away as the BYE started (not sure if it was before or after Defense Placement was complete, probably after Defense) compared to all other allys having to actually play their war over the course of those next 1-2 days before those other allys (all other allys really) got their points.

    So looking at Leaderboard at a time that a top team is having a BYE is like comparing apples and oranges. Once the 4th wars ended, everyone else caught up (almost) to that top team as far as overall points. And the points are comparable (at least until next Matchmaking is complete, and “IF” another team gets a BYE again, and so gets points immediately again).
    Well spotted, makes sense. So they also have the advantage of not having champs locked in war for attack phase.
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    DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
    1) @Hanzum should change his picture to Thanos

    2) Double byes from never tanking causing this kind of matchmaking bug is collateral damage for the new matchmaking system IMO. Players spent months playing explaining how tanking was smart. Not so smart now.

    3) Consider changing the war multiplier from tiers to an average of alliance war rating and opponent alliance war rating to end tanking.
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