Variant 1 broken cosmic/science section.

Alright, I know this has been posted on a lot, but literally nothing is being done.

Defenders are activating specials while blocking;

Defenders are dashing away while blocking;

Defenders are attacking while blocking. This one is less frequent, only had it happen twice;

(Defenders and blocking glitch also happened in act 6 a few times. Makes masacre almost useless).

Things synergy with champion not working against ultron based champs. I have a thread on this, and contacted kabam through support a while back, nothing being done so far, no real response; and

In general, the pacing of the fights feels like there is more lag here than other areas of the game. It feels off compared to other content. For instance just completed act 6 Crossbones stage 100% yesterday, minor lag issues, just block issue as described above. I had no real issues in AQ, or war today.

Side note, the game has been less laggy lately for me, good job kabam.

I’m pretty close to do variant 1 100%, but haven’t been able to do much of anything due to many of these issues. Variant 2 ran pretty smooth m and I finished that 100% over it’s first weekend. So, I know I have some skills. I just want to know are you guys taking this seriously?

I know, people will say just don’t attack into block or something stupid, but it’s a good way to keep the defender pinned to their wall, and it helps keep an aggressive pace. It’s a play style I’ve used for years successfully, and now the defenders respond differently, which is fine if that’s the intent, but kabam needs to speak on it, and do something to improve characters like Masacre who rely on hitting into the block.

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