Maestro Crystals for Escalation players

I remember a year ago (when I was an escalation player) that I would get frustrated with constantly getting 2 stars from the premium hero crystals, up until the point I almost quit. But my luck got better, and I soldiered through escalation. This is a major problem, which has been solved for those uncollected P2W players (and me) with grandmaster and cavalier crystals, but I'm suggesting the maestro crystals should replace premium crystals from escalation onwards. So that means premium shards should be replaced by Maestro shards (so whales don't take advantage) and I will show the drop rates below)

2 stars 50%
3 stars 35%
4 stars 15%

This would be a 50/50 CHANCE of a 3 star or higher champion, which is a fair chance of a good champ, instead of constantly getting 2 stars everytime you open one *cough cough premium crystals*. I know many of you will comment that premium hero crystals are fine, but this will keep the game in balance (as it is constantly getting harder and more unfair for less advanced players) and keep novices from complaining about the difficulty.

State your opinions in the comment section!

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