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14 Mil AQ Focused Ally Looking for 3 Seasoned Active Summoners to become part of a Family & Friends

zbot34zbot34 Posts: 175
Hello there,

I am the new Leader of Infinity Gauntlet. We are looking for 3 new players. We recently had 3 leave us to do harder content then what we were ready for. There was a bit of drama with this transition of them leaving but they did say there were No Hard Feelings. I just wanted to be up front and honest about why I am looking for 3 New Players. Please do not get me wrong we want to progress and get better as an alliance and we are definitely trying and striving for that!

We are looking for Players that are very active and have great communication skills. We are looking for Players who have AQ Map 5 experience and are able to clear their own paths and possibly even have Mini Boss killing skills would be ideal but not necessary as long as you can clear your path and willing to try to take a swing at the AQ Mini and Main Bosses. As i stated in the header we are a AQ focused alliance. But We will still do war but we only run 2 bgs at a time and we do a rotation so that each AQ bg group has a chance to war and the reason we do this is so each player has a chance to participate but also feel free from the stress and true burn out from what War can bring. Again this is not necessary if you do not wish to join War as we do have 2 players that voted in the alliance not to do War and they have been very happy in the alliance with that decision for 2 months but are still very active in AQ and helping us progress and get better as a team and group.

Now for the interest which drew you in to the post- AQ: In Bg1 they run Map 5x5; in Bg2 they run map 5x3 with the push to get to 5 days a week and BG3 just started this week doing Map 5 on the first day with Map 4 the other days whereas before they were completing Map 4x5 each week. We have been without fail reaching the Milestone mark of 100 to 110 mil in AQ and rank in the top 2100. We are definitely trying to grow and become a stronger Alliance but we need good solid active players that know what they are doing and like i said can clear their own paths and possibly have mini boss killing skill.

Requirements that we do have to join

-Must Use Line for communication purposes
-Must donate to the Treasury weekly the minimum amounts due in our alliance profile so that we can continue Map 5
-Must be active and communicate well. if you cannot be active or will be away say for a vacation or work related or family related instances all we ask is that you communicate that to your team. We understand Life, Work and Family come first and a game comes last but we also don't want somebody leaving teammates hanging either. so a quick message with a quick explanation is very helpful.
-Must be helpful as we have some who's skill isn't that great but if we all help one another then we all can become stronger together
-Must be Drama Free. we have had our share of drama filled instances in the past that we have "road the wild waves of and still come out back to smooth waters" and we try to nip that in the bud right away so please if you have drama or bring drama just keep looking.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining please reach out to me on the Line app my ID is zbot34
I look forward to hearing from you and becoming great teammates and hopefully friends too. Take care all.
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