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Do NOT Update to 14.1.0 [Under Investigation]



  • DukeGekkoDukeGekko Posts: 8
    Any updates kabam?
  • @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Miike we need an update and fix on this asap. How exactly are we to play this game in wars and map 6s when we can't properly block, parry or evade?!
  • BritneySaundersBritneySaunders Posts: 32
    edited August 2017
    This happens to me in AQ as wel, but not arenas or normal quest. Its like they jacked up AQ so we have to spend money on potions and revives, its absolute [Removed by Moderation] tbh..
  • furymachine84furymachine84 Posts: 80
    I've noticed since the update a bunch of bugs have not been fixed. Champs still evade and land hits or specials immediately after evade activates. Still evade even/block when stunned.
    Just used my original DD to fight symbiote spidey in alliance war. He was interrupting specials, immediately countering with blocks after being hit by a special, etc, etc. Nothing is fixed. And dd is not stunning with L1. And he is still whiffing.
    My civil warrior is not activating permanent armor until I have 7 or more armor stacks.
  • NeoVampyrNeoVampyr Posts: 28
    V14.1.X is a real disaster ...

    There's no possibilty to downgrade to 14.0 ... ? It was way better ...
  • NeoVampyrNeoVampyr Posts: 28
    NeoVampyr wrote: »
    There's no possibilty to downgrade to 14.0 ... ? It was way better ...
    I restored my iPad to the last version and it worked fine... for a while.

    Then I got an onscreen message forcing me to update into a broken game.

    Thanks Kabam!

    Have to wait to try collector then ... Thx for the clue
  • wray1976wray1976 Posts: 459 ★★
    Fix the game. It's slowly making it where people don't want to play.
  • Damn, looks like I picked the wrong weekend to attempt 5.2. Wonder how much these issues affected me in already tough content. Had to quit 5.2.4. Le Sigh.

    Since then, I have been testing and I definitely notice evade not working at times, generally after a combo, so I noticed. No specific champs to mention. Seems to be in all content. Using Android, Google Pixel XL
  • WarChildWarChild Posts: 43
    Can we get an update here? This is freaking nuts! I understand the whole user base isn't affected but a good portion are so we would appreciate a fix / update asap.
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 188
    There should be a way to avoid downloading really. Not being given any real answers doesnt help. I don't know if all these bugs are related to the beta testing download (And that's weird enough) but the game is pretty demoralizing now.
  • I've experienced this in AW with SL. Right after the combo, he just stood there and ate a groots combo instead of blocking
  • TillerTheKillerTillerTheKiller Posts: 280 ★★
    I'm on iphone 6s Plus and I just starting having this. It's like all my champs are in glue. I can hardly play the game. This is worse than the double dash back bug. We need a fix ASAP.
  • WarChildWarChild Posts: 43
    edited August 2017
    Ok so here we are a few days later and it's still under "investigation" with NO Flipping update. I am a nice guy so I am going to help you with your laundry list of bugs introduced into the game in this wonderful update.

    1. Champ Freeze during / before and or after combos

    2. Specials not actually activating (you hit the button, it goes through the motion but the op can still beat on you and voila your power meter goes back to what it was at before you hit button if not higher)

    3. Green Symbiod in AQ Map 5 is now causing more poison than OGDP (full power meter) and WP can overcome. May as well be fighting a full fledged Abom. Green Symbiod is also doing back flips and then reaching out with his pimp hand before his feet hit the ground and pimp smacking you from like an inch away.....thats a new development. Cool stuff there. Oh and he is also randomly evading before his feet hit the ground too, thought this was fixed in a prior update...guess not.

    There are several other "minor bugs" but honestly don't really care as much about them as I do number 1 and 2 on this list.

    Tomorrow night is the magic night, I hope you don't just carve out the eyes on your potato servers and plug them back in, doing actual maintenance and fixing this game would be greatly appreciated. You are well on your way to perverting the Marvel brand and ruining this game and the customer base.

    If it isn't going to be fixed anytime soon, let us know so we can um...yeah take our business and free time elsewhere.

    Cheers....happy potato carving.
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 2,004 ★★★★
    My issue is swiping back is not working about 20% of the time since the update, doesn't block just leaves me standing there, war Ai is just a mess but it has been for months, they are parrying me on the second half of draxes m punch even after evading the first half of it, while they are supposed to be stunned
  • CunnusCunnus Posts: 18
    Cheers for looking into it Wolf.

    Same bug here, noticed it in arena earlier on with Nightcrawler, just figured it was my phone being slow, but in event quest I did a few battles using NC and his block is delayed, causing me to lose him unfortunately.
    Nightcrawler is the one I've noticed it most with. Noticed a bit with Gwenpool and Scarlet Witch as well, which is extremely unfortunate as I use them both in my AQ and AW attack, ridiculous.
    iOS user as well.
  • WarChildWarChild Posts: 43
    Another day, another dollar and still no comment / update from admins. I hope you all make good use of the sched maint in 40 mins
  • CunnusCunnus Posts: 18
    Still no update from Kabam, and still getting slow block times, freezing, parry not working properly. a lot of my battlegroup were dead before section 3 in AQ today due to these issues.
    Most prominently noticing it in Vision, Hyperion and Gwenpool, since I've stopped using Nightcrawler for attack until this glitch is fixed.
    Lost my streak in arena because of it as well.
    Extremely annoying trying to explore master and act 5 when we can't play the game properly, especially as we're helping pay your bills, I'm not asking for compensation, I know we rarely get compensated for this stuff, I'm asking for the game to be playable again.
  • WarChildWarChild Posts: 43
    Can't imagine this would be a priority anyway. It totally makes sense to add 6* champions, new content etc etc and not fix the broken parts of the game, or if they are being fixed communicate those fixes kind of like the 6*'s etc....totally makes sense.

    Found a different game to play so it's all good......enjoy Kabam / Netmarble or whomever you are.
  • CunnusCunnus Posts: 18
    Even with all the emergency maintenance going on, certain champions are still completely unplayable. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf please give us an update. This is two full weeks we've been unable to block / evade / attack / move, after a five hit combo, it's ridiculous.
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 348 ★★
    Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Alright, I went ahead and took this to the team. I'll get back to you guys once I have more info. Thanks for letting us know about this one!

    Its been almost 3 weeks and no reponse still @Kabam Miike ?
  • Scud70Scud70 Posts: 77
    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA classic... 20 days and nothing... You've done it again KABAM! wonderful
  • ralmadaralmada Posts: 191
    Will we really have a (finally) stable patch (for Goku's saken, team Kabam!) only in 8 days? Or how much more time will we need to wait for this?
  • WarChildWarChild Posts: 43
    Seriously, we will all turn into Smurfs before this is answered. I suggest taking a breath and just accepting that this has been tossed into the "don't answer" pile.

  • There's a similar thread about characters being unresponsive. Seems kind of game breaking to me.
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 348 ★★
    There's a similar thread about characters being unresponsive. Seems kind of game breaking to me.

    Indeed it is game breaking. Amateur hour around here folks.

    Here's the other thread:
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 188
    I've given up. Leaving my alliance of 10 months after AQ cos I cant play alliance stuff anymore. Just no fun. Its broken for me.
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