Major bugs that have lasted for 2 months now and are ruining AW experience

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So I went through the known issues but didn't see the following absolutely game breaking bugs:

1. AI releasing specials when hitting blocks. The Thing is unmanageable in some situations with this.. plus there are many other situation like creating distance where you need to hit block 4 times when AI has a special attack.

2. The backdraft intercept is still broken. You cannot hit a block and dash back in.

3. Hyperion is whiffing on his sp1. The first hit doesn't connect 50% of the time when intercepting with it.

Seriously putting me off with AW with these bugs.... worst season for me in terms of potion usage because you can't prioritize these bugs ... and to give some context, ALL of these things were working fine before the disastrous path 22.0... it's been 2 f****** months and there is no fix in sight.


  • MaybeThisIsNotMeMaybeThisIsNotMe Posts: 74
    Can’t switch NC anymore using the light attack trick.
    Can’t counter with a parry after a combo ending with a medium for some champs like GR and SL unless the opponent is against the wall.
    Phoenix sp1 will always miss if after a combo ending with a medium and the opponent is not against the wall.
    12.0, 22.0.... can’t wait for update 32.0
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    Terrible that developers are conveniently ignoring bugs that cost players much anguish and items. Other bugs persisting and being completely unaddressed, despite the ability of moderators to review other threads and shut those down:

    General bugs with symbiote supreme
    General bugs with Corvus Glaive
    General bugs fighting Thanos in event quest

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