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[22NB] NIGHT BREED 4-4-4 AQ / 1 BG AW looking for members

Hello everyone,

Night Breed is looking for a few members to help make 4-4-4 X 5 viable again. We lost a few members and we now run 4-4-2, scoring around 60m in AQ. We have a no-donation policy.

We are focused on AQ. We run 1 BG AW for those interested, but as an alliance we don't care about AW. We are chill, hardly any requirements in events except AQ activity.

What are we looking for?

- Minimum of 1x 4-55 5* and 4x 5-50 4*/3-45 5*
- Active during AQ. Not like 24/7, but 3-4 runs a day at least.
- LINE messenger required

We currently have 5 open spots, but some of us have brought in second accounts, so we could make room. We are open to the idea of a group of 10 joining and running their own bg, as long as it's map 4.

For those interested in numbers:

AQ prestige = 5407
AW Tier = 8
War Rating = 1569
We usually finish S1 or S2 in season.

Contact me on LINE if you are interested

LINE-ID = marriag_nimoy
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