Want a merger? We are 15 mil map 5x5

A lot of groups are looking for those last ten players to be complete but like us keep getting bums. Find me on Line. chefgrinch442 to discuss a potential merger.
Serious inquiries please ๐Ÿ˜


  • ChefgrinchChefgrinch Posts: 49 โ˜…
    In game in chefgrinch
  • TomTakerTomTaker Posts: 29 โ˜…
    Can't find you on either
  • ChefgrinchChefgrinch Posts: 49 โ˜…
    Sorry... in game is chef grinch

    Team name is Elite Team
  • NoamChomskyNoamChomsky Posts: 27
    I've got 10-11 very skilled, active, and experienced (2-4 years) looking for a new home. All use Line. Generally speaking all have a few rank 4 5* champs. All capable of AQ map 4-5 easily. Some of us could easily handle more difficult content too. And a few of us have multiple accounts.
  • ChefgrinchChefgrinch Posts: 49 โ˜…
    Whatโ€™s your line app? Youโ€™d have to come to us. But youโ€™d grow fast
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