Veteran but chill, LF, 18.5 mil Ally doing Gold 2, 80 mil AQ, 500k SA looking for 1

Hey Guys,

We have to replace a guy, so I wanted to see if there was anyone looking around for a new place to hang out...

What we have: a stable, active, supportive group of players. (18+ mil ally, 30 active guys strong). We are running 544, 544, 444, 444, 333 in AQ (running 80+mil, first 2 days are mandatory), and 2 BG's in AW...Gold 2 last several seasons and holding solid this season. We have a great balance of life and game, allowing guys to pop out for for a bit for real life, while plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself into a great group to play the game. We use discord for team comms (like line, but better for us) and are very organized with comms.

We need you to have enough r4 and r3 5*s to run AQ, and AW concurrently, as well as your EQ, etc. (for the smaller accounts looking to move up, for the larger accounts, you are already there).

We have minimums...2k item use, 10k completion, 8k SA. We hit SA weekly, most always top half. Donations are currently suspended, living off the treasury surplus to do Map 5 now due to reduced cost.

We are looking for a guy who enjoys the game, knows how to play it, and can have fun in a reduced grind environment with us.

If this sounds like a great place to hang out, please reach out: Ground Round on line, GroundRound#0363 in discord, and Ground Round in game.



  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    looking for 1...good luck in game.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    We have a solid guy leaving after for another solid, knowledgable guy who enjoys the game.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    looking for 1 after SA drops.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    Need 1 after SA this week...thanks.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    looking for 1 after SA today...Good luck in game :)
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    need 1...let me know :) thanks.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    our guy we need 1.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    looking for 1.
  • scoutnsamscoutnsam Posts: 1
    I’d be interested. What do you need to know to decide?
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    Hey, is there anyone out there looking for after AWS9? Burnout is real, and we have a nice island of balance and fun. Let me know. I have been there, and know that there is more fun once you get outside the grind.
  • SwervySwervy Posts: 2
    heyim interested
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    looking for a guy or two for after the season rewards drop...let me know.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    looking for 1-2 guys for after season...

    We are 8-0 in war this season, hit 500k SA weekly, 90 mil in AQ this past cycle...

    Check us out...looking for guys who like to play and don't have to be coached along...

  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 754
    looking for 1-2 guys for after the season...

    9-0 this season, solid Gold 2, 500k SA weekly, 80 mil AQ.

    Let me know.
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