11.5 mil / Relaxed Alliance / Map 4+5 / 80mil AQ / Gold3 War optional / Looking for 1 or 2 more

We are a relaxed U.S based alliance looking for 1 or 2 decently active players that are map 5 ready to replace retiring players. Line chat required.

AQ situation

BG1 55444 / BG2 54444 / BG3 44444

We run just enough to grab the 80mil milestone. Looking for new members that have the time to do a few map 5 or even just 1 a week. Also wouldn't mind another boss killer or high active path clearer for our map4 group. AQ is the only thing everyone must participate in. If everyone pitch in the minimum effort we finish the map real quick.

AW situation

Gold 3

We run two BG very casually. First come first serve join if you want don't join if you don't want. (But of course if you join AW you must try your best)

Alliance events

No minimum on any events but we still hit t1 alpha on ALL 3 day events and rank on most (Rank rewards are laughable)

We hit 500k every week on SA and 750k here and there depending if people are popping cav crystals.


VERY VERY small donation of 10k gold and 500 loyalty to keep the 3 map 5 per week going.

Contact us

Contact me in game or in Line app : cholobaggin


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