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Havok counters?



  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,111 ★★★★★

    My favorite Havok counters are Bishop and Vision. The latter has already been discussed on this thread. If you reduce Havok to zero power (which you can do, repeatedly, with Vision), his Plasma charges get wiped so you can avoid them overflowing onto you and exploding.

    With Bishop the method is different. You don't care if the Plasma hits you.

    Bishop is sorta immune and very amplified by Energy attacks of all kinds. For instance, he roasts Electro and Iceman. Havok is no exception. Bishop gains Prowess charges, which he can use to controlled-heal himself or amplify his attack severity, whenever Havok hits him with energy damage. Of course, that's all Havok does. So Bishop gains lots of prowess. Even better, Bishop can tank a Plasma explosion, taking minimal damage, while gaining Prowess charges from that, too. The fight gets interesting because then Bishop can hit Havok with a whopping amount of Energy in return, which amplifies Havok's abilities. But in the balance, it works in Bishop's favor. In a match against Bishop, Havok can look pretty helpless out there.

    This past month with Havok on the Bubble Shield node in Uncollected difficulty, it was a tad trickier, since the Bishop method involves deliberately taking a lot of well-timed blocks to ramp up the Prowess to 30 (beyond that he starts overloading, translation: degenerating). I preferred Vision in that setting because Havok was very aggressive and it was easy to just keep intercepting in a rhythm and then burning Havok's power and canceling his Plasma charges.

    Hmm very interesting.
  • SVWISVWI Posts: 75
    If venom starts the fight with an armor buff he can also be a good counter
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