Thanos tips, heroes, and strategy

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Who did u use to defeat the thanos (3) before ebony maw?

Any tips, strategies, suggestions?


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    Hyperion Medusa and Cap Infinity War worked wonders for me. I also brought Gwenpool and OG Thor (so furies last longer on Medusa and Hype)

    Hype and CAIW are just very well suited to the fight, Hype for his power gain and CAIW for damage and avenger status, not to mention unstoppable cancel.

    I don’t have Proxima but if you do, complete all her missions before you start the first phase and he will he dead in 2 L3s if you have a strong enough one.
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 687 ★★
    Ty. The only one I have strong enough is proxima, lol. I can do middle one so I've been doing him over and over with each pathway. Would b sad if I finish everything including nameless thanos only to b stopped by these 2
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    Um idk look up seatin’s old videos from the infinity War event. He does a pretty good job of explaining the fight. He does a more in depth explanation for each particular Thanos, not just Thanos Gauntlet fights in general
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    Corvus with 2 charges. Can one shot them easily that way.
    I also tried with Venom, which worked well.
    Red Hulk was decent but not to the point I`d consider him if the Thanos was stronger.
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