Hulk Ragnarok Face me

When I’m using hulk ragnarok and take a damage over time debuff (like all of them e.g. degeneration, bleed, etc) his face me ability does not activate. I play on an iPhone 8 and my games fully updated. This is a really annoying bug as it makes Gladiator Hulk a lot worse due to his reduced utility, and when trying to do parts of the game (e.g. starburst node) it makes it harder to defeat the champions on there


  • The_WatcherThe_Watcher Posts: 132
    Face me only applies to Passive effects, so it won't activate for any debuff (bleed, poison etc.). For Degeneration, it does activate on Dormammu's degeneration, Ebony Maw's degeneration since they are passive. For nodes, it activates on Starburst node but not on bane (lot's of threads there on this).
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