Expert Tier Alliance - Teamwork / Communication Highly valued


We are currently looking for two new members. Our strength is clear communication and organisation, you know what is going on and what you are getting into. We value Teamwork, Communication and Skill.

I am also happy if you are 80k+, as we are willing to put in the time and patience to help you grow and learn, in return for you finding a "forever home".

We hit all milestones in alliance events. We are a friendly group who commit time, but understand that real life can get in the way. We run Map 5, Map 4, Map 3, Map 3 and Map 2.

Main focus is Alliance Quest, with Alliance War second priority, although we were Tier 7 a few days ago without it being our focus.

Line is a must, so if interested, find me on there: Id: Draenath
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