Lets talk about AW.

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Those of us that still play aw and enjoy it despite the rewards being not good, are getting frustrated over the huge amount of bugs that screw up our game and costs us items and also costs us a war.

Remember how hitting enemy block to push him to sp2 is part of how u play this game? Well not anymore. Right now there is a bug where the enemy throws a special while im hitting into his block mid combo. That has screwed me twice and ive seen others reporting the same issue. Whats up with that??

Corvus is supposed to be bleed/coldsnap imnune while his glaive charges are up. Guess that doesnt count sometimes in the bleed nodes or when fighting icemans. Me and many others have experienced issue with corvus taking bleed or coldsnap damage in aw which may or may not have costed us items. We use him for his abilities and we depend on him. Ive made a post about this long ago with video proof and screenshots and its still happening.

Was going to write about modok but saw someone already responded so fair play.

This is just a small portion of the bugs around.


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