Time to allow Champs to be used for Story/Event while in AQ/AW

There is now an abundance of permanent content to be cleared. Variant chapters. Act 6 story mode. LOL etc. With the competitiveness of AQ/AW its imperative that your champs always be utilized in those modes. This leaves very little time (and fairly hard to schedule) for you to use your best champs for this increasingly difficult content.

Allowing us to uses our champs on our own schedule at all times to beat this content would go a long way in making people enjoy the game (again) more. Keep the locking for AW/AQ to encourage some competitive decision making / reward larger rosters. Open up and allow us to use our teams at all times in the rest of the game.


  • AddyosAddyos Posts: 908 ★★★
    Eh nah. If you can't balance being competitive in alliance events and completing game content, then consider taking a step back from said alliance events. Nobody's forcing you to compete in AW/AQ.
  • TheVyrusTheVyrus Posts: 335 ★★
    No, that would just mean you need to increase the number of champs you have ranked for competition. You do not need to rely on the same few champions. If you do than you need to evaluate and prioritize.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 5,665 ★★★★★
    Nothing has changed. When I was finishing Act 4 I needed my best champs and couldn't run it while AQ and AW were on. Same for Act 5.
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