A+++ Suggestions for Odin offer this coming July 4th Sale

5* Class Specific Awakening Gem + 18K T2A shards + 9500 T5B shards,
5* Class Specific Awakening Gem + 25 5* Class Specific Sig Stones + 50 5* Random Class Sig Stones, OR
5* Class Specific Awakening Gem + 2500 5* shards + 1000 6* shards

Would all be A+++ offers.

Please, please, pretty please?


  • raffsterraffster Posts: 757
    Can an admin please move to Suggestions and Requests? Sorry I made a mistake in Category selection. Thanks.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 3,130
    Last year's deal was great. I am wondering if I can reach 15k units by end June though.

  • KinkyWizard1KinkyWizard1 Posts: 1,141
    I’d say the very first 6* awakening gem crystal is the top prize.
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