16mil, Gold 2, 80mil AQ alliance looking for active players who keep it low stress

Currently recruiting for a few spots:

AQ: maps 5/4/3 - hit 80mil AQ milestone
SA: hit 500k most weeks
War: 2 BG wars - first come, first serve, do min of 5 wars to qualify for rewards, Gold 2 finish last 3+ seasons, attack phase emphasizes low item use through 6 path attack with backups.
Events: decent milestones in every event, only mins are SA, Item Use, Completion - but mins are easily hit if you're active
No Donations currently
Discord for comms

Just looking for players who want to play the game in a low stress group, but who know what they're doing and communicate well.

hmu on discord: @smoted#7943


  • DankBlackmanDankBlackman Posts: 13
    Hey man send you a friend request in discord
    If your still looking i am up for it
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