War Match making and War season

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Why should there be matching making in war?

Why not just compete against the guys around you on the list?

Your alliance is in gold 3 and want to move up, you win some and lose some, cause very war is closely matched by the match making system, and by the end of the season you still gold 3, now, some other alliances that has way weaker members than you are gold one, cause the system keeps them there. Matching 2 weaker alliances against each other each war, win some, lose some stay gold one.

My idea and for this, note there will be 3 divisions, one for 3 BG’s, one for 2 Bg’s and one for 1 Bg, if you start the season with one bg, you will be forced to end season with one, ext ext.

Start from top down. Rank 1 down to how many ever ranks there are for all.

The day before the season starts all alliances are ranked from 1 down, starting with a score of 101.

Now day one Number 1 (Starting Score 101) v Number 2 (starting Score 102)
#3 (SS 103) v #4 (SS 104)
#5 (SS105) v #6 (SS6 106) ext ext

If you win then SS less one, so say rank number one wins, their score is now 100
If you lose then plus 2 points (this will keep teams fighting each other every war, as I will explain below)

So after 1 round results are in
Number 1 v Number 2 – Number 2 Won
#3 v #4 - Number 3 Won
#5 v #6 – Number 6 Won

New Scores
#1 – 103
#2 – 101
#3 – 102
#4 – 106
#5 – 107
#6 – 106

The new ranks will thus be
#2 (101)
#3 (102)
#1 (103)
#6 (106)
#4 (106)
#5 (107)

Next round:
#2 v #3
#1 v #6
#4 v #5

There will be times when you fight against someone twice in a row, or even a couple of times during season, some might say that makes it boring, but for me it makes it more interesting, the team that lost, might them try something else to get the upper hand the next time round, as you will know beforehand who you will be fighting (even numbers will always fight the odd number above them in ranks), so defence wise you might rotate some champs to try and catch the other alliance off guard.

After the 4 weeks the teams are ranked from lowest score to highest, same tiers as now with plat one plat 2 ext ext. Smaller weaker alliances will the start moving down the list and the better alliance will start going upward. The top will rise to the top, people can’t complain about match making problems as you will eventually fight in your “true” bracket and the issue with alliances dropping slots on purpose between seasons will also be put to an end cause every fight you lose on purpose drops you two spots till the day the new season starts and everyone is ranked again from 1 down using their current points.

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