Where's the Volvanic 6* Cull Obsidian crystal? [MERGED]



  • Nudge37Nudge37 Posts: 2

    Hey everybody,

    Just got word on what we're going to do in this situation. All Summoners that purchased the incorrect Crystal (the Voltaic Crystal) will receive the correct Cavalier Featured Crystal, regardless of if they have opened them or not.

    To complete this sooner, rather than later, we won't be sending an in game message, but you will find the crystals in your Crystal Vault. We hope to have this done within the next day or two.

    How is that fair? Rewarding people for not looking at what they are buying? Maybe you should give everyone 20 of these new cav crystals for free to make up for it instead
  • lawrence1977lawrence1977 Posts: 5
    I spun over 50 crystals and did not even see a 5* or 6* cull obsidian its rigged another kabamm ripp off
  • G2DKG2DK Posts: 217

    Thank you Kabam for absolutely nothing. You reimbursed me the crystals and only gave me a 3 star Cull for your screw up, not mine. You guys have a lot of nerve. Unbelievable how you treat your community and the greed you guys possess. This game has completely gone downhill.
    Enjoy the game summoners.
    Trust me.......Don't continue to be fooled by Kabam. You will never own your content and your wasting your time and money. This game is not based on skill either anymore. It's all about making the content harder so you are forced to spend. Even crystal drop rates have gone back to being ****. I wish all you summoners the best. Eventually you will all see the light. You may have bragging rights in the game now. Soon this game will wither away and you will have nothing to show for all that money you spent along the way.

    Finally got them too and spun nothing but 3*’s
  • HoshiHoshi Posts: 9
    i spun 100 crystals and no sign of obsidian, hope they will compensate that somehow
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