EFTD looking for one

Hey everyone. Check out (tag) ETFD gold 2/3 ally who run map 4 in quest. 

We are looking for active and enthusiastic players to join our ally. We are looking for 1 player to join us later today after we have finished our current war. If you are a passionate player we want to hear from you.

Add me on here or in game at connor892 and we can talk and I can tell you more about the ally. 

We will NOT kick you if your busy for a few days just let us know if you know your not going to be online. 

We are looking for active team players and can hold your own in war and quest so 11 good champs to cover aq and aw.

We have a fair few players in the UK but have some in the u.s and around

Get in touch and we can talk about our ally more.

If you have out grown your ally or your a very experienced player looking to help out a growing ally. If your in a silver ally and want to up your game come check us out. If your in a platinum or master ally and dont want the stresses any more come chat!! 

A stress free time playing the game. A family where we look out for each other and help each other grow!!

I look forward to hearing for all you enthusiastic people.


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