Thing Issue

IDogeIDoge Posts: 61
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So I found another bug today whether it is visual or not my Unblockable buff was staggered by Juggernaut even though Thing is immune to stagger effects.


  • Venom787Venom787 Posts: 156
    My Thing-Champion and Thing-Heimdall synergies doesn't even work in Variant. I keept getting killed while Thing should....well, we all know Heimdall's sinergy.
  • will-o-wispwill-o-wisp Posts: 6,481
    It wasn't nullified or anything ... it isn't even a buff, is just an unblockable attack.
  • IDogeIDoge Posts: 61
    It actually counts as a buff towards spite so...
  • BrackavitchBrackavitch Posts: 351

    It wasn't nullified or anything ... it isn't even a buff, is just an unblockable attack.

    Did you watch the video? Unblockable shows up and disappear. It even says stagger on the left side of the screen.

    As for synergy fails, yeah thing is full of them in variant. Kabam reps said they would take a look at them. Heres a video of some of the fails using champion, hela, and Angela synergy.

  • IDogeIDoge Posts: 61
    Since my previous post was ignored... I'm going to go ahead and make another one. Juggernaut can stagger buffs applied on Thing. In this video, both my Unblockable buff and Dexterity buff were staggered. I can assume his Unstoppable buff can be staggered as well.

  • CammonRoCammonRo Posts: 366
    I just came here to report this bug as well and glad OP took the time to post video evidence.

    Thing is supposed to be immune to Stagger but Juggs still staggers him. The visual stagger debuff icon does not appear making you think that Thing is immune - but when you dex you'll see your Dexterity buff removed and Stagger appears on the screen.

    Can someone at Kabam please advise on when a fix will be coming for this bug?
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