Two Strong Players Looking for 12 Mil Alliance or Stronger

Our current alliance is 10 mil, Tier 1 (AW) alliance.
We've been in the same alliance for one year, and at this point, we are two of the strongest players in our alliance.
We want to be in an ally with other serious players who communicate well and make good, strategic decisions in alliance quests and wars.

Our stats:
Prestige: 5000 and 5340
Neither of us finished LOL, but are currently saving units to tackle it. We do not have 5* SL.
We both have 2 r4 5*'s and strong AW defense.
We regularly play Maps 5 and 6 in AQ with ease.
We are frequently top MVP's in AW and have high scores in AQ.

If interested, send me a message here.


  • Cosmickk_55Cosmickk_55 Posts: 79
    I'm looking for a couple of strong players for AQ and AW. If u have Line app, message me there and we'll talk. My user ID is jonnieblaze
  • gnews85gnews85 Posts: 96
    We share your mindset. Add me on line and we can share credentials.

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