How is this acceptable?

Months in and no real fixes. Variant 1 is a joke filed with glitches. This video has a special being used by x-23 while blocking at the end of the video.

I had another new bug happening today. Basically last node in war, domino the defender was under 2 bars of power, and I did a special 2. She all the sudden had enough for a sp3.

This happened again in variant against X-23. That’s why I decided to record the next fight below.

Reaching out to support with a ticket doesn’t do anything, and I’ve had Lyra and Zibit reply back on forums saying something will be done, but nothing is done. This is how you lose your loyal players.

Side note, finished act 6.1 earlier today 100%. No real issues outside of occasional lag. There’s something wrong with variant. Please check it out and fix it.
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