Amalgam characters?

Amalgam, for those who don't' know, was a fusion of characters between Marvel and DC in the mid 90's. They took one character from each franchise and fused them together to make very interesting characters. How cool would it be to have mcoc create these champions?

-Doctor Strangefate (Amalgamation of Doctor Strange, Doctor Fate, and Professor X)
-Dark Claw (Wolverine and Batman)
-Amazon (Storm and Wonder Woman)
-Super Soldier (Captain America and Clark Kent)
-Spider-Boy (Spiderman and Superboy)
-Doctor Doomsday (Doctor Doom and Doomsday)
-Green Skull (Red Skull and Lex Luther)
etc. etc.

I know half of them are Marvel owned, and other half DC owned. Not sure how the rights to each character would work, but damn, this would an awesome addition to the game, later down the road


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