Improve or delete so called trash champions.

I am playing this game for 4 years very actively. i have opened over 80 5* crystals and still getting old useless champions. I understand that maybe i am not lucky to get ones i need but there should some use from any champion.
i think that kabam has to delete champions like kamala khan or netflix Daredevil. We have 4 different iron man 4 different cap america different hulks and so on. most of this champions are useless for the games new content and serve nothing just decreasing chance to get something really usefull u may need.

i suggest to delete such champions from game or improve them like it was with cage or red hulk. Or make different type of 5* crystals for 10k shard where we will be able to choose which one we want to buy like it is with dungeon or 15k crystal.
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