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After the Sp3

So I was just fighting in aw. We are in tier 2 and I was fighting against IMIW on node 38 where he has aggression armor and explosive personality and tons of health and such. Not a particularly difficult fight when using Void (which I was) but It has to be fought in a very specific manner. I had him down to about half health and I still had about 85% of mine (you have to take block damage baiting the heavies). So he has about 10 stacks of armor so your only choice is to use heavy intercepts because any other attack will be auto blocked, with the exception of the sp3. So, I had that powered up and I dropped it on him. That’s where it all went wrong. After the animation ends the game makes me auto attack with a medium, a dash, into him. Now in this situation there is a 0% chance of that attack working. 0%. It is impossible to hit IMIW under this set of circumstances. Only 2 things can happen: 1. He auto blocks and parries me or 2. He intercepts me. I honestly don’t even know which it was that happened I just freaked out a little because it is a close war against an alliance trying to make it into p1 and we are on the cusp of making it into p2. I just started holding block and hoping to not die. Luckily I didn’t die and I pulled out the win. Barely and only because I had used tons of boosts.
Now I was lucky but others have not been so lucky.
Kabam, do you have any intention of fixing this bug that has been around and for over a month? Many players have complains about it and we have seen nothing from you on it? As far as we know there are no plans to correct it. Can we get some info, any info, on when to expect a fix? I don’t even care for “compensation” as everyone is affected by this I just want it to end already.


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    This issue has been reported a lot of times already, they're going to fix it in the new update
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    Hey guys, there's already a discussion HERE about this issue. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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