Looking for 5x5 ally

Hi there troops currently I'm looking for 5x5 ally, with minimum score 120kk,not doing much questing these days, I'm done with a5 100% and 6.1 initial run also atm my champs are good to go aq/aw if needed, not a fan of wars tho, if you're interested let me know, line I'd ×BANE×


  • UnnecessaryJB1UnnecessaryJB1 Posts: 202

  • Kappa2gKappa2g Posts: 63
    Hi, we run a 5x5 AQ alliance with average 140 mil score and 3bgs in Tier 7 AW, If you are interested, hit me up on Line.
    User is Saltykappa
  • Gblake1965Gblake1965 Posts: 22
    Hey Bane We might just have the Alliance you are looking for. Check us out and please message me if you are interested. Line ID gblake1965
  • UnnecessaryJB1UnnecessaryJB1 Posts: 202
    I just joined to ally, thanks
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