Early Look: New Alliance War Maps for Season 10


We are very excited to announce that with the start of Season 10 of Alliance Wars, we’ll be implementing brand new maps for all Difficulties!

NOTE: This is an Early Look. All of the below information is subject to change.

Backstory Time!

We recently ran a Beta for Alliance Wars that featured a number of different Updates to the Mode, and our Beta Players offered us a wealth of feedback. We’ve parsed the data and feedback that we collected, and want to give you all a glimpse into our plans moving forward.

In our Beta, we updated the map and also introduced a new feature called “Defense Tactics”. The Map update introduced a new layout and new Buffs, while Defense Tactics allowed Alliance Leadership to choose a Global Buff to apply to the Map, which allows for Defenses to be more customizable and setup in a more meaningful way.

The feedback we received was that these two major changes together were quite jarring, and that it was too much all at once. We agree with this sentiment so we have decided to stagger the release of the Map update and the release of Defense Tactics (currently scheduled for Season 11).

The Maps!

Our areas of focus for these new maps include:
- Giving Summoners more information to enable you to make more strategic decisions
- Giving Summoners more flexibility in their Path choices
- Giving Battlegroups more meetup points before taking on minibosses

Making More Strategic Decisions
To help Summoners make educated and informed decisions on which Champions they’ll use on their Attack team, we’re limiting the number of hidden Champions to a single path in our top tier maps.

This will allow Summoners to scout out their paths before choosing which Champions they want to attack with!

There will only be 5 hidden nodes on the Map, so this is where you’ll want to place your most surprising Defenders! These Hidden Nodes will hide all Defender Information, including Class and Champion Rating!

More Flexibility with your Path Choices and More Meetup Points
Currently, the Alliance Wars Map gives you a few chances to change the Path that you’re on, but is still pretty rigid on where you can move once you’ve made a choice.

The new Map will bring your Battlegroup back together at key junctions. That means that you’re no longer on your own to take down the toughest fights when you’ve chosen a lane!

From here, you’ll be able to choose your next path again, so you can alter your strategy, or backup an Alliance Mate that might be having trouble on their Paths!

The New Layout!
There are 2 new Map Layouts being implemented. The first is for Alliances that play on Easy or Normal Alliance War Maps.

The second is for Alliances that play on Intermediate, Hard, Challenger, or Expert Alliance War Maps.

New Buffs and Nodes
New Maps mean new Buffs and Nodes!

There will be Charts for both of these in the first post in this thread. There is also a complete list that can be found in this Google Sheet here, or the attached Excel Document.

There are 5 sets of Nodes on this Map that link to each other. That means that your Battlegroup will have to decide which Challenge that you would like to tackle!

This seems like it’s gonna be tough!
While any change this large will take some time to get used to, we made these changes to alleviate some of the more difficult parts of Alliance Wars! Giving more flexibility in Path choices and bringing your Battlegroup together for tough encounters will take some of the stress off of choosing and sticking to one path, and removing most of the Hidden information will help you strategize on which Champions you want to bring to counter your challenges!

What about the rewards?
A rewards update is coming, but will coincide with the release of Defense Tactics.

When does this start?
Alliance Wars Season 10 will commence next Month! Prepare your Alliance for these new Maps!

Remember Summoners, this is an early look, and is still subject to change. We will let you all know if anything changes prior to these new Maps going live.


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