Looking for like minded individuals

I've been playing for a few months. I've got two 4/40 4*s, seven 3/30 and three more being leveled up. I've only really run map 2 and some map 3 in AQ. I understand the basic strategies in AW.

Looking for a group in a similar boat, hovering around the 1.5 - 3K prestige range wanting to start a new alliance. Willing to work with an established alliance able to run AQ and AW.

I'd prefer a group with some rules in place about alliance event participation. I don't mind saving rank ups and crystals for a week as long as everyone is held to some type of base line standard.

IG name Babasanfoo
line ID babasanfoo

I've set up an alliance [REGEX] for those interested to working on a new alliance.

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