Looking for a European player to join our ranks.

We are a gold 2/3 alliance looking for active team players from Europe or eastern USA due to time differences.
We carry out map 4 all week so no donations.
We use line and this is a must.
Ideally looking for strong players who can hold their own in war and quest.
If you are a vet or pro looking to slow down from map 6 or 7 I would love to hear from you as we would like someone with a great defence team in war and who as a great boss.
But I would like to talk to anyone really who can handle their own.
You may be too good for you silver or gold alliance and fancy something a little harder. Come talk to me.
Most off all we need active participants in war and quest.
We currently are only looking for 1 but may need another one very shortly.

Let's just chat and see if we can help each other out a bit.

Line and in game name is connor892.

Looking forward to talking to you.
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