Bug thread

Hey guys, instead of clogging up the forums with several bug posts everyday, I thought it might be useful to create this community bug post thread. Unlike us, the good people over at kabam don't have endless amounts of time to find all these bugs, as they have to release updates on a monthly basis, and so I thought that maybe we could help them. All I ask, is that when you report a bug here, you be respectful and post it along with the game version, device version, and photo/video proof.


  • Hey there, we appreciate the effort to help out! We would like to let you know that we actually have an official Bugs and Known Issues section of the forums here where players can report any bugs they might run into. We also have a forum bug report template players can use to make their reports which will give us a lot of useful information to start our investigations with. Again, thanks for the effort and trying to help the community out!
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