Semi Retirement Ally Looking for 20 Members

Several End Game level accounts taking it easy
Other accounts are newer accounts and second accounts of old time ally members.

Currently looking for 20 members
The ally ¤Shu¤ is and open ally and has no current requirements

Would be interested in doing teo BG of aq Map 3 & 5

Work on what you need, line is available but not used
Everyone in the ally are chill and dont stress

If you need an invite message on this thread
Otherwise please join and chill!


  • SnopciuSnopciu Posts: 19
    Maybe you all would like to join us? 8m ally, strong core playing for ages together. Maps 5&4 sometimes 3, no big pressure
    Curentlly rebuilding and need around 10 active players
  • SnopciuSnopciu Posts: 19
    Search for snopciu77 in game if interested
  • Cam77778888Cam77778888 Posts: 42
    Line id
    After war season we are moving 6/7 guys.

    Aq focused ally. All map 6 in aq. 5000 glory per week. In war no items unless easy win is guaranteed. War we just chill until rewards are worth it

    In game name:
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