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Plat3 Singaporean Alliance Recruiting!

VydraVydra Posts: 125 ★★
League Of Champions(LOC!) is looking for several replacements for outgoing members who will be retiring from the game. We are a largely Singaporean alliance that is family orientated and a chill one.

We operate min 2 BG x Map6 and Plat3 AW. Top500 rewards for AQ on a consistent basis.

Requirements :

•Whatsapp for comms
•Prestige of at least 7k
•An expansive and decent roster (at least 1 R5 and 7 R4) for attack and defence(diversity) )
•Prefer players from the same timezone( 8GMT+ or similar)

If interested, please do send a friend request( in-game to Swifty7 or Rush&Gush )
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