RE : AQ Special attacks

I am TryannousMax in game name I play on phone: Samsung galaxy S9+, operating system: Rev1.1, the latest update 23.0.1 and the issue is in the mode of play Alliance Quests.

I find the last couple AQ's and most recently; the recent AQ, normally map 5, the Ultron on the last tier on the left side, I forget the node, so the issue is when I'm away from the opponent and holding block I know they are going to attack with a special attack or just attack, the opponent fires off his special 1 or 2 and it hits me like I'm not blocking. And drains a considerable amount of health.
The first couple of times this happened I attributed it to me either rolling my thumb or maybe slightly moving my finger not sure but now I am conscious of it and hold block til the special attack is up but it hits me like I'm not blocking. And there is no unblockable on the screen or something that would signify that I would have to dex.
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