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AQ 5x5 4500 prestige alliance needs 5 players

We are a fun group that is serious about the game but also understand the needs of real life. We had a few guys leave after the last AQ so we are recruiting 5 players. We will take individuals or a group. If you need more than 5 spots we can talk.

Completion we ask for 20k but main goal is to hit all milestones.
Duels we do 650 and hit all milestones.
Donations are 135k gold, 30k battlechips, and 12.5k loyalty

We are searching people with around 4500 prestige who can handle map 5 every day. We are tier 3 in war. We win our fair share of wars but we do not use items or spend a lot of money to try and win every war. If reasonable use resources will bring a win then we do it. There is no pressure to spend every war, though.

Like I said, its a fun group. The core of the group has been together a long time. About half of the members are almost 2 years in. Except for a couple of brand new guys the whole alliance has been together for almost 8 months. We use Line app for communication. Anyone interested can reply here or contact AnomanderPurake on Line or in-game.
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