Plat 3, top 300 AQ Alliance seeking 1 dedicated player for the long haul

Just like the title says. We're looking for one player to fill in a retirement slot. We're a super chill but competitive alliance. Requirements:

9k+ prestige.
No event mins.
Reliable movement in AW and AQ.
Standard donations: 188k gold / 17k bc / 13,5k loyalty.

We run AQ map 6 on AW off days.

Contact Husky54, Cub9, or TDPaulS on LINE.


  • Husky54Husky54 Posts: 240 ★★
    Still looking
  • Husky54Husky54 Posts: 240 ★★
    Need one.

    Just placed 196 in AQ running all map 6 this week during off season.
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