Can we get a fix for the main issues please!

I've been having issues with the game since the January update. Freezing, lag and constant crashing. It's getting to the point where the game is unplayable. I can't even get a single path in the daily quests completed without having to reatart the game after 2 fights! I've sent tickets in to support, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. I may just delete the game if it continues for much longer. This really is no way for a company to run a business and expect to keep customers.

I sincerely hope these issues get resolved soon.


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    Kabam VydiousKabam Vydious Posts: 3,598
    Hi there -

    I'm sorry that you're experiencing all these performance issues with the game. The best way we can assist with these investigations it by having you head over to the proper thread below and fill out our provided template:


    Thank you in advance!
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