5 million alliance looking for 7 members

TGCI is looking for 7 strong members to fill out our alliance. We have a war rating of 1376 and are around tier 4 or 3. We have been running map 3 in AQ but several of us have map 5 experience and want to get back to it.
We do SA every week and start saving once we make rank (if we get back to 30 we may not have to save).
Event requirements:
Completion 10k
Duels 325
Item use-no minimum, we have hit all milestones in this event

We are a group of players that have real life things going on and contribute as much as we can. We are an extremely active alliance but don't require arena grinding. We also use line for chat (required).

If interested or have a group of more than 7 we may be able to work something out. Message me in game at CyJack or on line app at CyJack1. I am in central time zone (US) and I will check as often as possible but I have to sleep sometime.
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