Wolvie not healing normally?

Anyone else having a problem with Wolvie not healing as much now after the new patch? Maybe I am just really unlucky and not hitting the 16%....but his heal almost never goes off and even when it does, it doesn''t seem like he is healing much even with full bars of power. My wolvie is R5 4* with 99 Sig...he used to heal full pretty easily during fights...now I struggle to get him to heal.

Just curious if others have seen this or am I just in an unlucky streak of fights? Most obvious in AW / AQ...


  • StefffStefff Posts: 121
    Been playing act 5 with him and his healing seems fine to me...
  • AngelLordAngelLord Posts: 58
    he seemed fine to me in quests....it was AW and AQ that his healing hasn't been kicking in.
  • HazemHazem Posts: 243
    Depends on ur luck, his sig doesn't make him trigger regen more often, it just increases the amount of regen...it happens sometimes, wolvie hardly regen in some fights, all depends on ur luck
  • yeah it is all % based, although I think from hundreds of fights its fairly clear to see that his regen triggers when in AQ appears to be greatly reduced compared to other parts of the game, this was the case before this latest patch
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