Alliance Quests - Season 6 Starts June 8th!


Kingpin’s hold over the Contest is reaching its end, but a new terror lurks over the horizon. Get ready for Alliance Quests Season 6: Mad Titan’s Wrath!

The Basics!

We recently gave you an early look at Season 6 of Alliance Quests. Take a look at this post if you’d like a preview of the new Boss, Minion Encounters, Minibosses, Map Updates, and New Nodes!

The Rewards!

What we haven’t shared with you yet, is the new rewards! We’ve made Adjustments to Ranked Rewards, Map Rewards, and the Glory Store!

We’ve improved Rank Rewards, added more Rank Up materials to the Exploration rewards of Maps 1, 2, 3 and 7, and reduced the costs of some items in the Glory Store!

We've also added extra Rewards per fight in Maps 1-3! Now, you'll get a small amount of Gold (with a rare chance at Glory) for each fight you complete!

Rank Rewards:
We've added more granularity to the Top 250 Ranks of Rank Rewards, extended the reach of some of our rarer Rank Up Materials, and generally improved the rewards across the Board.

*T4CC rewards consist of Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystals, Glory Crystals, and Greater Glory Crystals.

Map Rewards:

Map 1 Exploration: Added a bonus 50 t1a fragments
Map 2 Exploration: Added a bonus 400 t4b fragments
Map 3 Exploration: Added a bonus 1 T4CC Fragment Crystal
Map 7 Exploration: Added a bonus 200 t5b fragments

Glory Store:

Prepare for The Mad Titan!

Season 6 of Alliance Quests kicks off on June 8th! Prepare your Alliance!
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