Looking for 2. Gold 1 & AQ 5x5. Low Donations. Low Stress. US/Europe and 7k+ Prestige Preferred

Alliance Name: The ShadowPower
Current rating over 18 million
AQ 5x5 with 170 million milestone and rank <900 rewards. No plans for Map 6 at this time.
Gold 1 for the last 3 AW seasons. No plans for pushing Platinum at this time.
Tier 5-6 war with 3 bg wars during war seasons, 1 bg wars off-season
Donations 75k Gold, 5k Loyalty

At least one maxed 5* and several 4/55s preferred. Must be able to place 3/45 or higher defenders.

We have a knowledgeable, funny, and loyal core. Check us out.

Contact on LINE or in-game: cur53d


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