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Aspect of Chaos is buged

Is it actually a bug, or it’s something there that I’m missing? In ultron’s assault, variant difficulty, the firts mission on the third chapter. When I have 2% of life, and the opponent have the 98%, we switch bars and everything is ok, but then we switched’em again and now the opponent has below 60% health, and im I came back with my 2%

While I was having 98% life, I didn’t receive any hit. Just in case you were wondering hahaha

@Kabam Miike is this a new thing? Or it’s a temporary bug? 😁😁


  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,126 ★★★★★
    Who was you using.
  • NihilussNihiluss Posts: 23
    @Gamer First I was using Captain America IW, then She-Hulk, then Medusa.
  • LormifLormif Posts: 7,365 ★★★★★
    Nihiluss said:

    @Gamer First I was using Captain America IW, then She-Hulk, then Medusa.

    Do you have despair? Those are debuff champions, and disrepair lowers healing based on debuffs.
  • NihilussNihiluss Posts: 23
    I had despair for a long time, and those champs are part of my actual roster

    That was the firts time something like that happened. But thanks! I will check it soon 😁
  • Notcho59Notcho59 Posts: 116
    The node should be changed to switch exact percentages with no outside influence. IMO
  • NihilussNihiluss Posts: 23
    edited June 2019
    Yeah, it should. I’ve been having the same mastery setup for months, and nothing like this happened </3
  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 988 ★★★
    I imagine maybe it had something to do with your masteries? Was the opponent stunned when the health bars switched back?
    Also the mods have come out saying that tagging them just to get your forum post seen is against the rules. Not pointing fingers, just that you might want to keep that in mind for next time, OP.
  • NihilussNihiluss Posts: 23
    @Mathking13 thank you for that last comment!! I didn’t know anything of that hahahaha

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